Company and offshore formation fees

Country / Package



Annual fee


Seychelles $450 $800 $400
Bahamas $1900 $2500 $1800
Britain Virgin Islands $1100 $1300 $950
Belize $550 $750 $550
Panama $1400 $1700 $1300
European and Asian companies
England $450 $800 $550
Cyprus €1100 €1400 €1000
Hong Kong $1200 $1500 $1100
Singapore $1800 $5500 $1500

* A Basic package includes company formation services, first year government filing fee, first year registered office fee, first year registered agent fee, apostilled set of documents, and dispatch.

** A Standard package includes all services in accordance with a Basic package and nominee service additionally

You have a possibility to buy a ready made company

Company classification

Сompanies can be divided nominally into 3 categories based on the criteria of tax burden and general legal regulation.
- Offshore companies
- Low Tax companies
- European companies

Company formation procedure and steps.

  • Selecting of forms of business organisation and company jurisdiction;
  • Providing documents;
  • Company name approval;
  • Preparing documents;
  • Payment of state fees and company registration services;
  • Company registration (submission of documents to registration authorities);
  • Notary services or apostilisation (if necessary);
  • Obtaining of documents.

The terms of company formation

An offshore formation takes from 7-10 days. The registration process of asian or european company - from 7 to 30 days in average. You have a possibility to buy a ready made company. In this case the registration process takes only 2-5 days.

Company formation with Atlas

If you want to know about the jurisdiction which is most suitable for you or you want to know how to set up a company or simply buy an existing one or to clarify the nominee service fees or you simply want to get the answers to the questions you are interested in, then send an enquiry to You can also send your message by filling out the feedback form. Our consultation is free of charge.

Atlas company features

Setting up an offshore company or buying a ready-made company is profitable with Atlas company

  • free consultation;
  • low prices and no hidden charges;
  • help in finding the best solutions for your business;
  • well-established procedure for companies registration;
  • quick registration process;
  • confidentiality and privacy.