Creating an LEI

Creating an LEI


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LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is an identifier of the legal entity corresponding to ISO standard 17442 is a unique code which allows the identification of entities working in the global financial market.
The LEI is issued by specially accredited organizations and is valid for one year. In order to assign an LEI code to a legal entity, it is necessary to provide accurate information that would clearly identify that LEGAL entity. Typically, this information includes:

  • name company;
  • legal address;
  • registration number;
  • organizational and legal form;
  • information on the state register in which the company is registered.

Getting the code takes 1-2 working days after providing a full set of documents.

Procedure for obtaining the LEI code

  • filling in the application form with personal information about yourself and the company;
  • preparation of documents for the company (statutory documents, power of attorney for the applicant);
  • sign the agreement;
  • getting the LEI code.

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